A growing Heart

I have been in ministry for a number of years. I have done city ministry for most of my life. However there are still things that I have yet to experience. The story I am about to tell is one of those things. I am reading through a book entitled The Circle Maker by Mark …

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My family has brought me great joy over the last two years. My wife is completely wonderful and everything I have ever needed... And now she bears my first child... I can't even explain my joy in words... I never knew this would happen And if you knew bout my past you would see Why this …

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Learning to Seek, Trust, Obey and Pray (A Study in Nehemiah)

It is quite common that throughout life we will struggle in a few areas Direction, trusting, submission and communication.     Often times we find it cloud on this journey called life. At various times one can struggle with where they are headed... (Direction) On this journey many people come and go, in fact ALOT …

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