Mother-Son Bond

If you know me then you know that I grew up in the best place ever.... New York City South Bronx to be exact! Now that I have a child of my own I can really admire/appreciate the amount of energy and love my parents poured out in order to raise me. My mother is now …

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I’m still learning

I understand that in my short life I still have much to learn. It is amazing how NFL veterans who have played the game for over a decade can find themselves still learning/studying the game in order to function at top condition. As I reflect on my life i realize there are many areas in …

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Things People Say (pt 2)

As promised we move on the the next installment of our series. This one is probably the most intriguing to me for a number or reasons. A beauty young lady is excited as she just found she was having a baby girl [Female] ooh congratulations. Is this your first child? [Young Mother] Yes it is! [Female] How far …

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