That caused me to think

Toward the end of my day I bumped into a newly married couple. As I approached them I was very excited for their new journey. MARRIAGE!!!! I was asked how long have I been married and then it came... The question about our first year of marriage. Now while this answer flows out without hesitation …

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Things people say (pt 1)

A beautiful young lady begins dress shopping for her wedding gown and the lady helping her begins what seems like a pleasant  conversation... [Sale Assistant] So are you excited to get married? [Female ] Absolutely!!!! He is the perfect guy! I can’t believe half the stuff he does for me! [Sale Assistant] Oh don’t worry that will all stop …

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Sailing Away Pt 1.

(INTRODUCTION) Well Hello!!!!! If you didn't know by now, earlier this week my wife and I went on a cruise to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. We went to several islands in the Bahamas. It was a wonderful and amazing experience. In fact I am writing this (previously written) blog from the trip. So I will …

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