That caused me to think

Toward the end of my day I bumped into a newly married couple. As I approached them I was very excited for their new journey. MARRIAGE!!!! I was asked how long have I been married and then it came... The question about our first year of marriage. Now while this answer flows out without hesitation …

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What hill do you die on?

Let me start by saying you probably won't like this post. After reading this you may delete me from your social media sites. You may be completely unhappy with what I write... and that's ok. After filing through several of my social media sites many people I know have voiced their broken-hearts concerning the way the country …

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Reflections from the Cross

Ever think that could have been me? Maybe even that should have been me? When I read the events that took place when Jesus was arrested until His final breath I think those types of thoughts. My issues led Him to the cross. He endured my punishment. He took my death. He bore separation from …

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