The Value of life

How do you measure how important life is? Who gets to decided that value? Who decides what lives we talk about? When we talk about them and for how long? Are lives overseas more important than those in America? Are unborn lives more important than those who walk among us? Is a criminal's life worth …

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Can you hear me now?

Remember that Verizon commercial?           This guy jog your memory? He would go to various places and say that famous line "Can you hear me now?" It was demonstrating that where ever he traveled you would be able to communicate with someone else. Are you ready to communicate? I believe that …

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Reflections from the Cross

Ever think that could have been me? Maybe even that should have been me? When I read the events that took place when Jesus was arrested until His final breath I think those types of thoughts. My issues led Him to the cross. He endured my punishment. He took my death. He bore separation from …

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