I can remember the first time (or at least what I recall as the first time) that I cursed or some form of it in front of my mother. That didn't turn out so well for me 🙂 and rightfully so. I can still hear my mother and eventually my father, (and grandmother when she …

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Do you ever look up?

It is quite common today to hear someone say that they have a love one looking down on them from heaven. In fact whether or not you know any specific facts about heaven you may have an opinion on what is going on there. However my question is have you ever looked up? What I …

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Today only last for …Today

What impact are you having on your world today? You have 24 hours. You have 1440 minutes. You have the opportunity to impact those around you in a powerful way. Are you using it? The truth is you are whether you realize it or not. You either have a negative impact or a positive one. You either are making steps …

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