Food is Necessary

@Kevonstage is a brother I follow on Social media and a few days back he tweeted this: I LOVED THIS. When I saw, it I HOWLED. Seriously. If you have children (even if you don't) this makes sense right. I mean I literally have to deal with this daily. Besides worrying about what I am going to …

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Thankful or just Full?

This past thanksgiving was the 1st (that I can remember anyway) that I haven't cooked a big meal or been apart of a big gathering. Typically I am in the kitchen for hours making a variety of my favorite food (Collard Greens, Mac and Cheese, Chicken, Ham, Yams, sweet potatoes pie... you get the point 🙂 …

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Where’s Dessert?

Remember when you were little and you would cry out that you were hungry. You would run to your mom (or whoever you lived with) and say that you were STARVING! She would say eat (insert anything you think about and immediately lose that appetite) something you clearly didn't want. What about eating dinner and …

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