From Every Nation

It always intrigued me when people who say I do not see color OR God doesn't see color I think I get their intention behind those words but I can't help feel that they are often a bit misguided I mean kids see color... Children, who most would say have some level of innocence, can …

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Can you hear me now?

Remember that Verizon commercial?           This guy jog your memory? He would go to various places and say that famous line "Can you hear me now?" It was demonstrating that where ever he traveled you would be able to communicate with someone else. Are you ready to communicate? I believe that …

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A Common Story

Today was a tough day. Tomorrow will be even more challenging. I am working with some amazing people to host an event where the discussion will be on Culture, Prejudice, Race and Awareness. Today the facilitators got together to finalize everything. As we shared final ideas and personal stories that would help move the overall …

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