Can you hear me now?

Remember that Verizon commercial?           This guy jog your memory? He would go to various places and say that famous line "Can you hear me now?" It was demonstrating that where ever he traveled you would be able to communicate with someone else. Are you ready to communicate? I believe that …

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Listen to what they say….

There are many things in life that are true... For example 1+1 = 2. That is true. Another truth is that people will talk. Often times people will talk A LOT. By that I mean people will usually begin to reveal things about who they really are... I am learning to really listen to people. …

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Learning to Seek, Trust, Obey and Pray (A Study in Nehemiah)

It is quite common that throughout life we will struggle in a few areas Direction, trusting, submission and communication.     Often times we find it cloud on this journey called life. At various times one can struggle with where they are headed... (Direction) On this journey many people come and go, in fact ALOT …

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