Changes (Pt. 1)

Yesterday in church as I preached I told a story of when I was in elementary school. When thinking of that story it made me realize the many ways I am different today. Now I'm sure if you thought back to those early years in your life you can easily see how things have changed …

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Understanding our Identity

Over the last couple of weeks I have had the opportunity to engage in a conversation that has challenges me on a number of levels. The conversation has been about the dynamics of being a Black male in a all white (pre-dominantly so anyway) institution. Now this may have been where things started but we are far …

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Where’s Dessert?

Remember when you were little and you would cry out that you were hungry. You would run to your mom (or whoever you lived with) and say that you were STARVING! She would say eat (insert anything you think about and immediately lose that appetite) something you clearly didn't want. What about eating dinner and …

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