Learning to Seek, Trust, Obey and Pray (A Study in Nehemiah)

It is quite common that throughout life we will struggle in a few areas Direction, trusting, submission and communication.     Often times we find it cloud on this journey called life. At various times one can struggle with where they are headed... (Direction) On this journey many people come and go, in fact ALOT …

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Two for the price of FREE!

This was the first video of the summer. Basically we recapped Nehemiah Chapter 1 which Faith Baptist Fellowship Church had gone through back in February. If you missed that sermon, or want to get the gist of the message feel free to check this out... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yVmZEOx0Cg Here is the next video discussing some key point from Nehemiah chapter …

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When is enough, enough?

Have you ever been through a series of emotional stress? Ever find yourself saying when it rains it pours? What about the constant pressure by the present challenges you face? Anyway you slice it, stress is no fun and takes all the energy right out of you. What is even worst is when you are …

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