Newest Member

If you have been following along Team Anderson has had some major transitions over the last 5 weeks. However none of the previous events mean as much to us as what just took place this past weekend. Introducing the newest member of Team Anderson Thomas R. Anderson III If you thought the Anderson household couldn't …

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Prayer for our little guy (pt.2)

First, let me start by thanking everyone who is praying. It really means a lot to see so many people rally around us (both physically and virtually). We have believed all along that God is in complete control. There has been no conclusion drawn on our part as we were told this may be nothing. …

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Pray for our little guy

Many of you have heard Ruth and I are having our second child. If you know that then you may even know that we are having a boy! We are just super excited about what God is doing. As our family continues to grow we feel more blessed and humbled by God. Praying is the …

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