Trust Issues

*A note to a friend* Sitting outside reading.... listening to worship music... Realizing that if God has me here then this can't be all bad. That even while in Prison Joseph and Paul found themselves faithful. This isn't prison... it may not be what we expected BUT God is always working. Does this then go …

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Food is Necessary

@Kevonstage is a brother I follow on Social media and a few days back he tweeted this: I LOVED THIS. When I saw, it I HOWLED. Seriously. If you have children (even if you don't) this makes sense right. I mean I literally have to deal with this daily. Besides worrying about what I am going to …

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Be Strong and Courageous

I can remember when my father would give me advise. Sometimes it would be in very subtle ways when a certain situation would arise. There were also the firm commands which ought not be ignored for the more ear pleasing tones of situational wisdom. What got me reflecting on this was reading 1 Kings 2. David is about …

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