Why a Church Podcast?

This past week the pastors at Shiloh Hills Fellowship uploaded their very first podcast. YIKES. This is one of my biggest fears (right along with blogging) as I am very leery of what I write and say forever being in the digiverse  (digital universe). However, I knew we needed to do one. Trust me, this doesn't …

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New Beginnings

Since February I have had the privilege of serving as the Lead Pastor of Shiloh Hills Fellowship. On June 3rd, we were able to celebrate as a church the installation of a brand new season for our family. Typically, new beginnings are very exciting, and that is true in my life. I am thrilled and excited …

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Growing Passion – Shrinking Confidence (Living with Tension)

On my social media accounts, I posted this photo   This was the scene of a very tragic situation... writer's block      Have you even experienced that? You have an idea of what you want to write but you can't seem to find the words? I just felt stuck! I was in the midst …

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