Letters to the Church #1

Grace and Peace to you from our Lord Jesus.

Please know that I love you and deeply care for you. In fact, I am motived by the love of God to write this letter to you. My aim is simply to lead you toward biblical thinking in all areas of life.

For example, I know in this current political climate there are a variety of opinions concerning the issue of immigration. REGARDLESS of what you think is the correct answer I want to share tips on how we can remain Godly and love our country.

  1. Remember who your first love is. If you remember that your true devotion is to Christ first then you will be inclined to speak and do in a manner that pleases Him.
  2. Pray for all involved. Once again, no matter where you stand on this issue (or any political/social issue) we must remember that the people who think differently than us are also created in the image of our God and these people are hurting. Can we learn to lament with those who are hurting? Just because we don’t agree with someone doesn’t make them (or their perspective) unworthy of our patience and prayers.
  3. As the body of Christ, which is God’s vehicle for bringing about His message and Love to this broken world, we need to exercise caution on what we say (or post on social media). I am not saying one should remain silent or avoid standing up for what they believe (as you know I don’t do that😉). However, I am saying that posting memes or things that do not allow for conversation, deter from the actual issue at hand OR antagonize people and their views which is not helpful. I am all for standing up for our beliefs BUT remember we are to be gracious when dealing with others. We can speak the truth in love. People should be tripping over Jesus and His message not our representation of it.
  4. Lastly, we MUST remember that we are truly blessed BY GOD to have the freedoms we have in this country. Any person who thinks differently from us has the same freedoms and rights. We can use this extraordinary blessing to bring people who are far from God closer to Him by showing them we can disagree while remaining civil and Godly.

May we pray that the Lord returns soon to put an end to all this suffering. In the meantime, may we live according to His word in order to see those far from Him be made alive by His might and Spirit.

Until I write again, may our father, the God of heaven, who can do more than you can ask or think, bless you.


A Letter a wrote to my church… I share it only to show that as a family we can talk about topics in a healthy manner.

**this was posted a month after it was written.


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