Our Journey Together

I walked into class with a concept in mind. I believed that if I help students identify various fears and roadblocks in their life it would help them begin to see these things for what they are… lies and distractions.

However, something better happened, something marvelous, something humbling.

As students began to share their hearts, as they became vulnerable on day one I noticed everyone’s reaction. While the class started with individual’s walking into a room separately it quickly turned into a community of people who are on a similar journey.

Each student resonated with the words that flew up on the board seeing a piece of themselves in someone else. The diversity in the room made this picture even more beautiful. Male, female, black, white, single, married, shy, outspoken, are just some the differences that make each story important as they flow into the larger metanarrative.

By the end of the class it was clear to me that this was no longer one person’s burden to carry but now we all are traveling together. Over the course of the semester we will do a give and take with each other finding ourselves learning and growing closer together, even if for a moment. The impression that will be left on our very being will have a lasting impact.

To God be the Glory, as this unity in diversity, this community along a journey of faith will change my life in ways I can’t fully understand yet…

And I am so excited!!!


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