Food is Necessary

@Kevonstage is a brother I follow on Social media and a few days back he tweeted this:


I LOVED THIS. When I saw, it I HOWLED. Seriously. If you have children (even if you don’t) this makes sense right.

I mean I literally have to deal with this daily. Besides worrying about what I am going to eat I need to ensure my family eats and not just once but multiple times a day. We just went shopping and worked through healthy meals and snacks for four people.

With this tweet, someone (maybe him) mentioned no matter how much you feed them the day before you have to feed them again the next day. Once again not super profound but it has huge implications. Whether we do it or not (eat healthy) most people understand that the right food gives your body the nutrients and energy it needs to perform. In children, as they are growing, food is just as important for their development.

However, this isn’t a post about eating better but rather being better. Take your spiritual life…

For many people who say they are spiritual or for Christians who have committed to living as Jesus did, I find that we do not feed our spiritual person with the right stuff on a consistent basis.

Now please understand I am not “preaching” against movies or music or other forms of entertainment, however I am suggesting that maybe we should reflect on how one believes they can enjoy whatever they please (specifically what directly goes against God’s desire) and still feel like they are living healthy spiritual lives.

A question I have been asking myself is what disciplines do I have that allow my spirit man to grow and develop daily. To phrase it another way, am I eating the right foods, daily?

It is amazing how I spend my day. The hours I put in doing various task from work, family time, and my own hobbies force me to make decisions that ultimately devalue one thing over something else.

So, I can choose to sleep or watch another episode of whatever show my wife has me hooked on now. I can choose to pray or finish up another chapter in a book I have to read. I can choose to read my bible or grade papers.

Sometimes the choices aren’t always black and white, good vs bad as you may have two good options. What are your priorities? What are your values?

For me, while I am not perfect, I don’t want to make my faith my crutch. A thing that I use in the worst of circumstances. What I pull out when I am in pain or struggling to make it through life at the moment. Rather I want my faith to be what keeps me going, whether the day was good or bad, it needs to be my fuel, my strength, my life.


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