Raising Adults

So it has been a while since I’ve written about my children. In fact the last time I did my son was just born.


He’s now running right behind his big sister (who turns four in a few weeks) image_9

While time may be flying I can’t help but keep in mind that I am not raising children but rather raising adults. By this I mean, while I am “literally” raising children the truth is I am training up future adults.

They are  learning skills (this can be positive or negative) that will be used to navigate this world. They will not be little forever. They will not be dependant upon me and wife forever AND we do not want them too. In fact, while I love having them snuggle on my lap while reading a book or watching a movie, I pray for their future. I pray that they go further than I did.

One thing I admire from my parents is that they knew they needed to help be become an adult, a man. I pray I can do that for my children. That I give them tools to be successful.

While this weighs heavy on my heart, I am also learning to enjoy the moment I have with them during this current age and stage. What a blessing it is to see this two discover the world around them.

More from this side of things soon…


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