Be Strong and Courageous

I can remember when my father would give me advise.

Sometimes it would be in very subtle ways when a certain situation would arise. There were also the firm commands which ought not be ignored for the more ear pleasing tones of situational wisdom.

What got me reflecting on this was reading 1 Kings 2. David is about to die. He knows it, the people know it, his son, Solomon the newly appointed King knows it. In the first few verses He (David) gives Solomon a charge for moving forward. Some kingly/fatherly wisdom was needed. Here is what struck me:

1 Kings 2:2
Be strong and be courageous like a man, and keep your obligation to the Lord your God, to walk in His ways and to keep His statutes, commands, ordinances, and decrees.

That “Be strong and courageous” sounds a lot like Moses as he spoke to Joshua in preparation to lead the people of Israel. (Deuteronomy 31:23)

This really got me thinking. What I am prepared to pass down to my son? How many men are preparing to pass down valuable tools such as wisdom to the next generation? Within our culture I sometimes hear seasoned men who gripe over how the new “man” presented in this generation really isn’t a “MAN”. While there may be truth to how many young man fail to acquire basic skills (while not discussing what does or doesn’t someone a man) I’m the type of person who is very reflective. So, before I go blaming someone (which is really easy to do) I want to think How have I assisted them in their growth journey?

The answer can be both positive and negative. For instance, did I provide a positive (best that I could) example for my son to follow? When the occasion calls for him to think or act, even if he has never been in that situation before can he think back to me and ask “Now how would my dad handle this?” The negative looks like my son wanting to distance himself from me and my values because they were extremely harmful to him or others.

What I really like about this beginning charge from David is that it starts with their commitment to God and their faith. Regardless of all the information that is needed to perform this job, one must remember that you need to be faithful to God. When you can get that down it makes the other responsibilities fall into perspective.

The most courageous thing a person can do is admit their weaknesses and rely on God who is their true source of strength.

This is the daily reminder that I need. To fulfil my obligation to the Lord, walk in His way and keep His commands. When this is done, I am stronger and more courageous than I could ever hope to be and the example left for my family is one that will have a positive lasting impact.


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