Practice what I preach

For my class I encourage/require each student to “blog” their thoughts from the week. It could be something they picked up from the weekly reading or a conversation they had. It doesn’t have to be long but rather significant to them. I want to read that they thought critically about a topic or that they were impacted by something throughout the week.

Then I realized that I am not even keeping up with my own weekly blogging. At first glance I called myself lazy. Then I started to make excuses like “I’m way too busy” or “I don’t have anything good to say” (both are true BTW) but then I really began to think why I am not writing.

Fear. As I read one of my student’s post there was a level of vulnerability they accessed. In order to write what they did that student needed to go to a place of discomfort and share. WOW

I am excited to journey along this path with my students this year! They are already impacting my life and all I can do is pray that they will be encouraged/inspired as well.


I'd love to read your thoughts

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