Perfect Time (for Christians)

As I look at the cultural landscape of our nation I find myself thinking several things…

One of them being


Think about it… This is the perfect time for Christians to show a nation what true, 1st century Christianity looks like.  We can finally show people Jesus. We can distance ourselves from the myth that Christians are Republican or that Christians hate more than they love.

We can finally put into practice all the things we’ve learned about the Bible. While our nation runs wild we can be the calming voice that brings hope. While the nation is divided we can show them what unity looks like. While this land is filled with anger and hate we can show forgiveness and love.

Just think instead of complaining and running in fear we can show this nation why we have so much hope not fearing what the future brings. In a world where people are super critical and impatient we can show them a God that will hold to His promises.

This is the perfect time to live out our faith and be a counterculture just like we have been waiting for. While people are worried about being comfortable with stuff we can show them how to be content.

There is no better time for light to shine nor is it brightest except in complete darkness.

Unless, we have adopted the same mentality as the current culture…
Then this may not be such a good time for us…


4 thoughts on “Perfect Time (for Christians)

    1. Thanks for commenting!

      Agreed Bonsai! However I was using a hint of satire saying that now is a perfect time when we should have always had this view.

      Grace & Peace,

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