Don’t ask for patience

Have you heard the saying “don’t ask for patience because you will get a trial/test that forces teaches you to be patient”…

Unfortunately patience doesn’t get sprinkled on you like powdered sugar on a pastry.

Yet the Bible is full of places in which writers encouraged people to be patient or wait on the Lord. In fact a part of the Christians DNA should be endurance and patience.

In the book of James, towards the end of the letter (Chapter 5, verses 7-11), he speaks about being patient until the Lord returns.

WHAT??? (was my initial response).
When is that? This is usually the next question I ask.

That’s the beauty of it all. We want to be patient as long as we can either control the outcome or at least have a clue of what/when it is.

NOPE! Scripture calls believers to be patient until the end. We know in part what that will look like we just don’t know when and truthfully we don’t need to. We are called to endure/be patient all the way through.

Now while I understand this may sound great in theory I can acknowledge practical this is very challenging. Whether dealing with physical pain, or emotional/mental strain life is not easy. James ends that sections with saying

The Lord is very compassionate and merciful (v.11)

Notice that James mentions characteristics about God, compassion and mercy, as to communicate that what should encourage us to be patient is the very nature of God.

YES, God is concerned about your suffering and He is patient with you.

When we know who God is it helps us wait a little longer. We can be patient knowing that God is not ignoring us but rather working on our behalf.


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