What do leaders do?

This was one of the many questions I asked myself when I was approached by my church concerning leading a Campus Group.

A Campus Group on Leadership. 

Regardless of my background and past experiences I never feel quite like I am the right person to speak on such matters.

This is a 10-week class. It has been an honor to learn with those who decided to make the leadership class their home. I find that I am learning so much myself.

We are 4-weeks in now and my prayer at the beginning of this class is the same now almost halfway through.

Lord, I pray that each person who attends this class 1) comes to know you more, 2) comes to understand themselves a bit better and 3) develops/re-ignites a passion to serve others.

There are times I am not sure what I am doing BUT I completely understand why I on this journey.

I’ll keep you posted on how things go.


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