Everyday Love

Ruth and I are going on our 6th year of marriage.

If there is one thing I have learned, it is that many people who are married suffer in silence. They act cute on the outside (if they do that) and behind closed doors their house is a mess. They don’t know how to fix it, and depending on how long it has been that way, they aren’t even sure if they want too.

My wife and I used to be there. Our first years of marriage simply miserable. Ashamed of this we didn’t tell anyone. Since then God has done a MAJOR transformation in both of our lives. Now with fresh eyes we view our future as an opportunity to help others who just need to be reminded of what marriage is all about.

Here is my first blog entry for this. I am not a perfect husband by any means but my goal is to just share the tips we learn along the way.

We pray that this blesses those who are married and need to find some encouragement for the journey.
We pray that this will blesses those who are engaged/thinking of marriage and need to positive examples of a healthy working relationship.
We pray that this will blessed those who are single/dating. Whether you aren’t sure where your relationship is going or you don’t have one. Understanding the context in which marriage truly is designed  will aid you to enjoy the season you are currently in while learning a few tips for later (should that be your goal)

Here is what I read tonight

Men who lead by love won’t deceive or degrade their wives or their neighbors. When love fills a woman’s mouth, she encourages her family instead of tearing them down. When you’re focused on love, you will naturally demonstrate patience, tenderness, and kindness. Rather than trying to manufacture right actions and attitudes, let love become your first response and your default position. Then you’re set to launch into any circumstance graciously and to land with no regrets. – The Love Dare day by day



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