From words to action

You know the saying

Talk is cheap

Many of us would say this is true. While some may long for words it will be the actions that solidify what has already been spoken.

This week’s conversation in class will be on the culture in which our church creates vs. the culture that is adopted. We will discuss the concept of “imago Dei” and its impact in culture. Imago Dei is the latin phrase referring to having been created in the image of God.

All people have been created in God’s likeness. This means there are personal characteristics which we share with the creator of everything.

David Livermore states it this way

A theological understanding of imago Dei, the Latin phrase for our having created in the image of God, is essential for moving across the chasm from the desire to love the Other to actually expressing that love. To understand and see the Other as being created in the image of God is to recognize that he or she possesses special qualities that reflect God himself. No matter how different the Other is, he or she is in part a reflection of God. The Other was created as much in the image of God as you and I were.

So here is what rattles my brain…

When Judge Antonin Scalia died, people (broad stroke here) posted statuses mentioning how they mourned that such a day has come. Some even took to wondering if “foul play” was at hand which would have led to his “sudden death”.

But when a 12-year-old boy was killed people (broad stroke again) we found every reason to blame him, his parents, or his culture for the negative influence that led to his untimely death.

When do we find ourselves lamenting over death PERIOD!? When do we find ourselves seeing people as God sees them, created by His hand and worthy of respect. It breaks my heart how we treat people who disagree with us or are in a different political camp than us.

The expression of Love that we give to the Other, whether they believe differently,  look differently or BOTH, is not based on how we think of them. It is not based on if we agree. It is not based on how we feel.

It is (or should be) based on the fact that they, like us, are created in God’s image, love by Him and worth to be redeemed by Him.





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