Surrendering our Brokenness

Today it happened again.

This time it was in my office while reading a book. I experienced that piercing feeling of conviction. That the words I read perfectly described me. In my flesh I wanted to veer off course and place someone else in the hot seat but my spirit knew better.

If the Enemy can convince you to believe his lies, then he can squelch whatever truth could set you free. The greatest barrier to the life of freedom that God desires for us is not our brokenness. It is brokenness unsurrendered. When we conceal or refuse to surrender our wickedness, weakness, and woundedness, they remain not only out of sight but also out of the realm of healing. Surrendering means more than “letting go and letting God.” It means saying yes to God’s ongoing invitation to come closer, to see Him as He really is. Surrendering is one of the most profound expressions of trust in a God who, if not trustworthy and full of kindness, is asking us to do the absurd.  – Michael John Cusick, Surfing for God

Surrender is a risk no sane man can take.
Sanity never surrendered is a burden no man may carry.
God give me the madness that does not destroy wisdom, responsibility and Love. – Sam Keen


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