Will you talk to me?

Have you ever had something very important on your heart? I mean something that weighed so heavy it constantly burdened you?

Have you tried turning to someone you trusted and asked them to bear this burden with you? Maybe you invite them out for coffee, maybe you have them over to your house, or maybe you just take 5 out of your day to express how you feel.

Have you ever done this?

Now, do you remember their response? Have you ever been here and the person dismissed you? They took the opportunity to tell you why you were wrong, or how what you feel is invalid? Maybe they didn’t use those words but your perception of their words and actions leave you worst than we you started.

Do you remember how that made you feel? Maybe it was a spouse, or another family member or a friend.

Here is the thing,  are you willing to talk with me about the tough issues? I am wondering if you are willing to hear my perspective?

Perspective doesn’t mean I have to be correct but it does mean I have drawn a conclusion. Will you speak with me?

I have noticed there are many people who are unwilling to listen and I am not referring to just myself. When issues of injustice, poverty, ethnicity, or culture arise many people in my circle disconnect themselves. They are too busy to get the facts BUT they draw their own conclusion that says they don’t want to be bothered with this.

I remembered when I was younger a friends mother once told me there are some things you do not speak about with people, politics, race or religion.

I now realize she meant these are hot beds where people argue. How ignorant are we if we cannot learn to discuss critical issues without the desire to “win” an argument.

Yes, the issue may make you uncomfortable. They make me uncomfortable.

If you are an adult I am hoping you have learned that life isn’t always comfortable. If you haven’t learned that keep on living.

If you are unwilling to enter into dialogue with me when I need to speak to you then why are we “friends”. You basically have treated me like a stranger declaring you have no time for what matters to me most. That what stirs  in the recesses of my soul should not be shared with you.

See I did it again, I came to a conclusion based off my perspective. I don’t think this is what you are saying but I am not sure.

Are you willing to talk with me? I just want to be able to enter into a conversation with people who I respect and trust seeking to gain their perspective and share mine.

Let’s chat!


I'd love to read your thoughts

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