The Value of life

How do you measure how important life is?

Who gets to decided that value?

Who decides what lives we talk about? When we talk about them and for how long?

Are lives overseas more important than those in America? Are unborn lives more important than those who walk among us?

Is a criminal’s life worth less?

Is a child’s life up for debate?

Does a persons religious belief change the value of their life? Does a person’s sexual orientation or preference?

Does a person’s mental ability determine whether they are valued or not?

Does a person’s past add or subtract value?

What about a person’s skin color? Ethnic background? Heritage?

What about your past experience with a person? Does that add or subtract the value of their life? What about those  who identify with them?

When you decide not to talk about it or to dismiss it, you have assigned a value to that person’s life.


I'd love to read your thoughts

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