Growing Pains

It is always stretching when God shows me areas in which I need to grow.

While having a dialogue with several people I could feel the flood of emotions and thoughts that began to fill my heart.

It was at that moment I knew there was still work to be done. I had another thing I could add to the list. I would go before God asking him to continue helping me adjust my thinking.

Have you ever had a moment like that. Where you just knew you were not handling something right. Asking God to search your heart is not as easy as it sounds. Once God reveals how different you are from him you are then challenged to reject that aspect of your life and receive more of God’s character.

It is one of the most humbling experiences. To understand you have the opportunity to be more like God be denying yourself. I still don’t know why He has patience with me, but I no longer ask. I just am thankful for His great Love.


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