What hill do you die on?

Let me start by saying you probably won’t like this post.
After reading this you may delete me from your social media sites.
You may be completely unhappy with what I write…
and that’s ok.
After filing through several of my social media sites many people I know have voiced their broken-hearts concerning the way the country is going. Many of my conservative brothers and sisters feel as if America is just a shell of her former self. Disgusted at the recent events they let their fingers express their hearts throughout Social Media… (Thank God for the Freedom of Speech)

One such comment is this one

Americans are slowly having their identities taken away and before you know it Christians will have theirs taken away.

A while back I put up a FB status asking people if they had to choose would they give up their freedoms or their faith. Several people commented freedoms. However several commented that they shouldn’t have to give up either.

I found this response interesting. Like the quote above I have noticed many Christians deeply connecting their “spiritual” life with their “political” life. By this I mean while people are unhappy with where America is going they begin to feel as though they are unable to be “Christians” now. Losing America means losing their faith? Maybe they wouldn’t say it that strong BUT their words are communicating something more than their bibles are.

If our Christian identity is wrapped up in the outcome of this nation, or any nation for that matter then you really don’t have an identity in Christ. It almost seems as if people are happy with the “us four no more” churches because we keep all those other people who don’t think like us out. Or as I experienced in a church recently, the statement we need get America back is a mantra we chant daily. Some people find that it is easier to transform people to your viewpoint before helping them get to the Cross.

Now I am not saying that I agree with everything that has taken place in our country. In fact if you really know me or follow me at all you know, that is not the case. However I am saying that the Gospel is way more important than a semi-public outcry in an ungodly tone about how you don’t like something that happened. Some people I know won’t tell one soul about Jesus and his death, burial, resurrection but they will be sure to tell you they can’t stand the government.

You will never set foot in their home/have them pray for you but they will be sure you know who they are NOT voting for (broad stroke, I know 🙂 )

Do you see the problem? I am not saying stay silent but I am saying don’t let your words take away from the mission you are on, the reason you are sent. Remember Christian, you are called to live for Christ. That means where ever you are. When there is a great government and when there is a not so good one you are to stand for Christ. You can cry out in public BUT make sure God is getting the glory even in your lament. If people are turned away from the Gospel of Jesus it should be because the Gospel is offensive not because YOU are. What hill are you dying on and how far is that from the Cross? Just remember we are in this together, Love you.

To my friends who are not Christians…  we may disagree but hey I disagree with my mama and still love her. Know that I love you and will continue to share life with you. 🙂


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