A Common Story

Today was a tough day.
Tomorrow will be even more challenging.

I am working with some amazing people to host an event where the discussion will be on Culture, Prejudice, Race and Awareness.

Today the facilitators got together to finalize everything. As we shared final ideas and personal stories that would help move the overall process I became very timid.

Eventually the group turned to me to share and I froze. There was a world-wind of emotions and thoughts that ran through my entire body.

I explained that my hesitancy came from the inability to separate my personal connection to this topic. This topic is all to familiar and relevant. Everyday that I wake up I am made aware of the culture I live in and came from.

I am also made aware of the insensitivity of others towards me and my feelings within this space. I have been on both sides of this. Now to have the opportunity to share what is deeply personal is uncomfortable.

However I am honored to be with sharing life with the people who are co-hosting this event. Hearing their stories of growth/struggle and awareness really encouraged my heart.

Ultimately I would like to have a platform to discuss these types of issues more. So I will take this incredible opportunity to begin that journey in a more public way.


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