Let’s go for a walk

As I am reading through the book of Genesis there is a lot taking place. However within the narrative is a story being communicated about man’s interactions with God and each other

In chapter five it is clear that the curse is real and death is coming for everyone. YET we get one man, who “walked with God” and God decides not to have him die like everyone else. God chose to shed some grace on Enoch concerning his death.

Then in the life of Noah we see grace all over this man. All we know is that Noah finds favor with God, right? Well, we also get the same phrase like in chapter 5 about Enoch. Noah “walked with God”.

God decides to have grace on Enoch and now Noah while both men were characterized the same way. By the way, they are the only two men at this point who Moses says  “walked with God”.

You get a pretty clear picture of those who just are and those who are walking with God. I often times wonder is that distinction clear in our lives? Hindsight is 20/20 and I tell you what…  I look back at my “Christian life” years ago and you would not have been able to tell that I walked with God. In fact if I was in this part of Genesis account I would not have that next to my name.

While I am not perfect I would love to be able to say I am walking with God or at least I want to. Can you imagine the intimacy that requires?

If I go for a walk with my wife, we may hold hands, reflects on good times, open up to each other, laugh etc.. (I am not trying to merely reducing the phrase in scripture to a simple human operation)

However I am trying to just mirror the type of depth a person can have when they are said to be walking with someone. It is not just the action but rather what takes place. If I am walking with God I am getting close and connected.

Would you be characterized as someone who “walks with God”?


I'd love to read your thoughts

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