Tough Talk

Something amazing just happened… I was completely caught off guard. At first I was surprised but as the night progressed I was humbled by our conversation.

A few weeks back a student I met through some colleagues found themselves struggling with being at the school. This was mainly due to growing up in a different culture.

In this student’s culture what was important and discussed was not important and discussed here. When they tried to engage others the opposition was to strong for them to handle.

As they reached out after several comments were made during the media coverage of Ferguson, we connected. This lead to touching base with a handful of students who had the same issue.

SO I suggested we get together and have a dialogue about the “tough stuff” topics that we are struggling with (knowing that culture/race would be a big one) and how do we live in light of Scripture.


To be honest I though I was going to get some of the minorities. I thought it was going to attract people from the urban areas who just hated being in NEPA. I WAS A BIT OFF!

I had some who were from small town middle of nowhere and some from sin city. Both wrestling with similar issues just the opposite side. As an introduction we went around discussing the last hot topic and the impression left by it. I was impressed. There was depth, pain, confusion. But most of all there was a desire to just gain some type of understanding.

My prayer is that as we set to meet weekly we can create a space where we are talking about various “touch topics” and thinking critically about our world and our faith.

I am not claiming to have all the answers. I am aiming to help them think through proper reactions as well as the  perception some other cultural’s may have of the issue.

This is going to be challenging and exciting. I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Tough Talk

  1. domesticatedmeblog

    Wow! I really hope it works out. Talking about tough topics is hard but definitely a leap everyone should take. It’s good to disagree with people.

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