It desires to have you

After reading Genesis chapter 3 & 4 there was this one phrase that stuck out to me in chapter 4 but you can see played out in both

But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.”

Do you see that?

Sin – the individual acts of rebellion committed against God. This direct disobedience from God’s intended plan in pursuit of our own will

This is what is waiting to devour us. This is what desires to have us. With Eve, the serpent twist God’s truth just a bit in order to get her to disobey God. She did not rule over sin. She gave into her desire rather than ruling over it.

Cain runs into the same problem. When faced with a decision he chose to do wrong and he gave into his selfish desires.

This truly makes me reflect on many of the choices I have made (and will make). When faced with a decision or a desire that will not bring glory to God, whose desire do I fulfill?

It may be my words. – I could be right about an issue but dead wrong with how I say it.

It could be an attitude I have, whether pride/arrogance or any unloving one.

It could be my motives/intentions. Looking to use people or to intentionally gain an edge for my personal benefit.

It may even be how I respond to a circumstance. Seeing something I don’t agree with or when hardships come my way. Am I willing to trust in God or figure it out on my own?

Ultimately am I looking to please God or myself?

However God let’s us know that from early own that Sin is seeking to destroy us but we don’t have to let it. We can choose to do what is right.


One thought on “It desires to have you

  1. johntjeffery

    On this subject see especially the following article: Susan T. Foh, “What is the Woman’s Desire?” Westminster Theological Journal 37:3 (Spring 1975), pp. 376-383. This article has been posted as a downloadable PDF file by Dr. Ted Hildebrandt on the Gordon College Faculty site at [accessed 9 FEB 2015]. I have been convinced ever since her article was first published that she has made a convincing, indeed unimpeachable, case for the linkage of meaning between Gen. 3:16 and 4:7.

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