When He speaks

I love reading the opening of Genesis  (Gen. 1 -2:3)

God creates
God designs
God establishes everything.

However that is not all I see when I read Genesis

I see that when God speaks things happen and God is pleased. Do you see that. Over and over you get

And God said… And God saw it was good

As God spoke things happened just the way He wanted which was a good thing. I love that.

Imagine viewing God as He is. Creator. That when His word declares something it will happen just as it says. OH and that is a good thing. This is the God who cares for us. Who cares about the details.

So much so that when He created man and woman it was different. God could have done the same thing He did with everything else. It was good by the way. But He doesn’t, instead God intentional designs man differently. He has different plans for us.

God desired man to bare His image and be close with Him. Finally when all is said and done (literally) God can say that it all was very good.

It may be hard to believe and at times even harder to see BUT what God says/ultimately does is very good.

Are we willing to listen?


I'd love to read your thoughts

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