Interesting Jacksonville, Interesting Indeed

Last week I had the wonderful privilege to spend a few days in Jacksonville FL!

Oh how I miss Florida. It was a sunny 60-65 degrees but I digress.

As I drove into downtown I noticed two things.

1) There was hardly anyone downtown. I mean this place looked like a ghost town. 8:30 in the morning or 9 at night there was only a select group of people around.

2) The only people who I noticed were all homeless. Jacksonville has a large homeless population. For those who remember I was apart of a huge homeless ministry in NJ. Seeing this in Florida brought back memories. I prayed for these people. I couldn’t believe how many people, young and old, filled the streets.

My prayers goes out to the church downtown (First Baptist Church in Jacksonville) and to those who are looking to impact the lives in their city!


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