It has been a while. As usual I have fallen off. Typically I come back because I miss this. I miss you.

However it was reading blogs that kept me away this time.

Over the last several months our country has watched on a public stage the reaction to what some deem injustice and other deemed just actions.

It is on this national stage that the families of these victims have suffered. Every day they think not just about the injustice but the fact that Michael, Eric, and John will not be coming home again.

That while ignorant people riot,

and others mock the deaths that have taken place,

while people peacefully protest asking for change

and others intentionally look to incite rage,

the fact remains lives have been lost.

Black lives, male lives, but most importantly human lives.

I have read countless blogs. Sometimes I can’t tell what is worst the blog mentioning how blacks just need to move on because we are always looking to play the race card OR the comments to which people are calling us everything BUT children of God, and this is what we get.

WAIT! Aren’t we all human? Don’t we all bleed red? But I can’t mention this is a racial issue because then I am pointing fingers.

OH and I love the justification by some with the “well what about “black on black crime”. 1st  YES black on black crime like ANY crime is UNACCEPTABLE. BUT please let’s think for a minute, most crimes are crimes of proximity. You harm those around you. This is what makes crimes between different ethnic groups or socio-economic groups even more disheartening because that isn’t based on proximity as much as it may be based on prejudice.

… I have prepared several blogs, with facts on this and evidence about that.

NO. We have a lot of those. Some good, some not so good.

I just want to say I am praying for the families of these men and countless others who have lost a love one.

#livesmatter #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter


2 thoughts on “#doesyourlifematter?

  1. McGinniss, Joy

    PS: I heard there was going to be march on Washington sometime in the near future (organized by Al Sharpton, of whom I am not a big fan, but…). I have almost thought of attending. Not sure what Mark would say but if we can’t put feet to our convictions, then they are only empty words. I will keep following the stories, the news, and your posts. I love you and Ruth….

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