From Florida to Ferguson

I can truly appreciate this man’s journey. Although there are some people who live on either extreme when it comes to the issue of race/racism, for many we are seeing the world through our experiences. Thank you for this post

Mustard to Mission

When Trayvon Martin was killed, the country was deeply divided between contrasting narratives. My black friends (and a few politically active liberal whites) were grieving and angry, convinced racism had played a role and an innocent life had been taken without repercussion. But Zimmerman claimed self-defense and his was the only voice left. Conservative friends who generally believed Zimmerman’s story were angered by protesters and demanded that we “respect the rule of law” and “let the judicial process play out.” The situation seemed muddy to me. How could we really know what happened in the moments before Martin’s death? Trayvon’s image became a battleground. Was he a “good kid” or “violent thug”? I struggled to sort through these contrasting narratives. How could anyone be sure what happened that February night?

This month the death of another black boy is making national headlines. The facts are similar; but my interpretation has…

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