Where are you from?

So one day I was on Facebook and I noticed that a friend of mine posted a video. Nothing new as my friends have done this plenty of times.

As I watched the video it was a Korean woman who was about to go for a run when she is approached by a white male.  As they begin to small talk he says “where are you from, your English is perfect?”

She tells him she is from San Diego and even brushes it off with a joke “we speak English there”. The man continues to ask “Where are you from?” even to the point where he says “where are your people from?” The lady admits her great-grandmother is from Seoul (however she was born in Orange Country).

Now this clip was meant to be humorous. Nonetheless drive home a reality that takes place all to often.

As I mention this story to my wife she began to tell me how this happens to her all the time, just last week in fact. She mentioned she can be anywhere and as a conversation strikes up with a person they usually ask… so where are you from?. No harm in that.

My wife answers New York, Long Island in fact. They smile and say “oh, but like, where are you from?” I was born in Queens is her reply, at this point my wife knows what they mean but she’s telling the truth.

See what is happening is people are seeing someone who looks different and assuming they must be from somewhere else. My wife is American. Born and raised here. However they know better, do they.

So she finally mentions her parents are from Guatemala. Then the real fun begins. People start asking “Can you teach me Spanish?”, “I just love Mexican food” (WAIT not the same place but umm ok), and so on.

I don’t think these people are intentionally being rude or prejudice but they sure are ignorant. I can’t believe we think this is ok to say. There are a host of things that are said to “minorities” that one would not dare say to anyone else. What is even crazier is that for a black male (or any minority really) to mention this, he is now seeing racism everywhere and hyper-sensitive.

The video I referenced before can illustrate what I mean.  I hope this isn’t offense to anyone SO enjoy


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