Healing at a moments notice

Do you remember when you were a young child and maybe you had caught a cold? Maybe you got sick and your parents went to give you that nasty medicine?

For me that medicine was


I can still remember its horrible smell and taste that made me never want to get sick ever again.

However it seemed like a spoonful of this stuff along with a mothers kiss and instantly I would start feeling better. I hated to admit that because it meant anytime I would get sick this stuff would do the trick

Although I haven’t been sick lately the amount of stress that I’ve faced would cause my body to react at a less than desired level.

God is good though. I have had many conversations and they all had a similar outcome. I would get off the phone or walk away thinking … Well nothing will change, except this one time…

I had this one conversation that somehow changed everything. I had to admit some hurts. I had to admit some wrongs. I had to admit things to myself that I hadn’t to that point. I was speaking with another couple. I could see their hurt. I could feel their pain. In that moment as the wife mentioned her bitterness I said in my heart, yes I know, that is me right now.

In the moments that followed I summoned up version of spiritual cold medicine if not for them certainly for me. It was at that moment I realized how skewed my vision was. That all I could see was the issue at hand and failed to look at the bigger picture. I failed to look at the entire puzzle that God was putting together but choose to focus on one piece that didn’t sit right with me.


Well… After some hugs and goodbyes the couple left with a smile. I sat in my office puzzled. Have I really been this way? Was I really that sick and didn’t notice? Like when I was little I needed to admit I was sick and accept the best medicine for the job.


It was then at a moments notice healing began.



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