When Love sees you

Where has the time gone…

Maybe you have noticed, maybe you haven’t, nonetheless I have been gone for some time

Part of my issue is that I have been struggling with how people see me.

I know you can’t please everyone but the perception people have of me, at times can weigh heavily on my heart. During this time period I was completely overwhelmed of what others thought as I wanted to seem all put together. I needed to prove I could be who everyone thought I was.


The one thing I learned is that NO MATTER WHAT I am just not going to cut it. I will never measure up. I will never make the cut. If they were picking teams and I was the last kid left, they would just play with one less player LOL…


Seriously though, in learning that I am not always going to measure up I came across this song. I was so consumed with how people saw me I almost forgot about the one person who was always looking and mattered most. I really lost touch with how God sees me. In no way does this make an excuse for my mess but it sure helps me understand His love.

Enjoy this song/video as much as I did….


P.S. It feels good to be back. I missed you all! 🙂



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