Changes (Pt. 1)

Yesterday in church as I preached I told a story of when I was in elementary school. When thinking of that story it made me realize the many ways I am different today.

Now I’m sure if you thought back to those early years in your life you can easily see how things have changed for you, but have you ever really highlighted some of the major changes in your life. This is exactly what I am attempting to do. Although I know I won’t capture everything I really am excited to share with you some of the important growing moments in my life.

The first one I think about is when I started to attend church. Many people have thought I grew up in church. That my family took me. This is far from the truth. While my family never discouraged me from going we didn’t go. My grandmothers would try to take me. One grandma had a church  a few blocks up the street and the other grandma had her church down the street. No matter which one I went to I would run home every time when it was all said and done.

However when I got to High School I found myself interesting in dating a young lady. I would walk her home most days after school. One day she told me about this church she just started going to. After several weeks of trying to invite me she finally said if you want to date me you need to come to my church. Well as much as I was opposed I figured it was a means to something greater.

I wouldn’t realize it then but this was a means to something greater just not what I had in mind. Not a month later I heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. A message that I never really thought about before, a God I never considered to be important to think about, had this great love for me that while I ignored Him, He was willing to forgive me,

I remember the Pastor talking about Jesus dying on the Cross, being raised on the third day, and being seen by many people. That all this was done so that all who believed who be in a right relationship with God and will be guaranteed a home in heaven. OH and all of this stemmed from Love.  Well this just blew my mind. I couldn’t understand it. What about rules? What about my effort? What about all this junk I thought matter… It never mattered. What mattered was me accepting the fact that there was someone who loved me MORE than anyone I knew, love me to the point of dying for me and paying a debt that I deserved to pay. Only God loved like that.

Well from that day I choose to trust in Jesus as my personal savior. I realized that my sins were forgiven, the debt paid and new life given all by believing Jesus, the Son of God loved me, died for me and rose again. That was a life changing day. I remember walking home (about a 40+min walk) thinking about the choice I made. I was curious to learn more. Since then my life HAS NEVER been the same.

This is one of the changes that have occurred in my life. It is by far one of the best.


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