There are many things that make me and my family spoiled…

1st… I spoil my wife (soon her and my daughter 😦 ).

She knows that she can get just about anything she wants from me. It is really hard to say no. I mean at first I always say NO! I put on a big front. Maybe stomp my right foot if I am feeling good! But even I know that it is pretty much for show. 🙂

2nd, I am spoiled. I mean God has been so good to me, so gracious, and kind I really have no complaints in life. With my beautiful family standing next to me and the friends he has placed in our lives I am pretty good.

BUT the biggest reason I am writing today (as I could go in-depth about the first two reasons) is because I MISS FLORIDA!!!!’

YUP I said it. I didn’t think I would. In fact I told people I wouldn’t say it. I said “Nah, I’m a northern boy. A BIG city boy. It’s cute here but I wouldn’t live here” WRONG! Let me tell you when I go to bed and it is 45 degrees in September I now have a problem. I forgot how cold it can get in the North. I mean in Florida I was wearing polo shirts in JANUARY.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love the North. I am happy to be only an hour away from NYC. Truly great ministry I am a part of BUT I am just saying IT IS COLD!!!!!! My daughter was born in St. Petersburg, and doesn’t even have winter clothes. HAHA…

This is going to be an interesting readjustment period. BUT like I said… I’m just spoiled.


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