My Story & Music

If anyone knows they know that MUSIC plays a huge part in my life. I grew up on old school R&B, Jazz, Funk and a variety of other genres. I used to write songs and played music a bit.

When I started going to church I music was still a huge influence in my life. I really got into Black Gospel music. As I entrusted Jesus with my life and believed in Him for my salvation I found myself thinking about my past. IF it wasn’t for His grace and mercy in my life, I would be a mess…

Actually I would be dead (story for another post 😉 ).

Now there are some songs where I wrestle with the message being communicated. However this song really impacted me. Last night I had intense conversation that got me to reflect on my own life. I thought through how I treated people/been treated by people, along with a host of other things. At the end all I could say was


For if it had not been for Jesus I would not be here today.

All of us have a story. All of us have a past. It is by His strength that our past no longer determines our future.

What’s your story?

Here is the song

Even if Gospel isn’t your style, look up the lyrics then.


This info is free 🙂

Black Gospel is extremely expressive in talking about the struggle people have gone through and how God has delivered them. This comes from a huge emphasis of social justice and God’s physical deliverance of his people, that the Black Church has had for years.


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