Spanish way of life…

View of Guatemala City with the "Agua&quo...
View of Guatemala City with the “Agua”, “Fuego”, “Acatenango” volcanoes in the background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Buenos Dias

I am not sure if I mentioned before or not BUT I am on the road to learning Spanish. There a couple of factors that play in to this.

First, My wife is from Guatemala. Well she was born here BUT, her mother and father were born there. In fact she didn’t learn English until she started school. There are still members of her family that don’t know English.

So I promised her when we got married I would learn Spanish.

Second, we want to teach our daughter. Being that she is half Spanish I want her to be connected to that culture and language. In order for us to teach Carmen, we need to speak it in our home.

Third, area in which I live is populated with so many people from Central America. If fact many of them are from (wait for it) GUATEMALA!!!

SO my goal is to learn the language in order to reach the people here. In fact it is our prayer that this time next year we can being to start a Spanish bible study. (More of that later).

I already understand a great deal of it and can read some too.

THIS IS SO EXCITING! I really enjoy speaking Spanish. It has been a great to way connect to others, especially my family,


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