I’m still learning

I understand that in my short life I still have much to learn.

It is amazing how NFL veterans who have played the game for over a decade can find themselves still learning/studying the game in order to function at top condition.

As I reflect on my life i realize there are many areas in which I can grow.

At this moment it is letting people pray for things that take place in my life (this is just one of many 😉 )

I often don’t share issues and therefore those who care aren’t praying as effectively.  They aren’t able to use their gifts to love on me. I have been slowing down the relationship building process that occurs when people share the tough issues of life.

Well today I will try to break that cycle.

My mother has been in the hospital. I can’t get into everything that has transpired but I am writing this from a  NYC hospital while they have her out running test.

I ask that you keep her and my younger brother in prayer. They are emotionally drained among other things.

It was good to be here. I needed to be here.

Thank you for your prayers! Thank you for your genuine concern.

Written from my Samsung Galaxy S4


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