A growing Heart

I have been in ministry for a number of years. I have done city ministry for most of my life. However there are still things that I have yet to experience. The story I am about to tell is one of those things.

I am reading through a book entitled The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson, in this book he talks about how before his ministry ever took off he walked about 4+ miles around where his church would be (he is a church planter in DC).

Fast-forward 15 years after that walk, the area in which he traveled has been impact by his ministry. NOW in reading this I didn’t think, wow if I do that I wonder if I can also have what he has. (1) It doesn’t work like that, (2) I don’t know/want what he struggled with to get where he is now and (3) God has a unique plan for each and I would be foolish to think otherwise.

However, I prayed that day for the city of Trenton, then motived by my growing heart I decided to set out on a prayer walk. My goal was simple walk a part of the city (which is only 7 square miles SO although I am out of shape I would make it at some point) and pray. What God open my eyes to that day was so much more… As I mapped out my walk it was about 3.5 miles on Google maps. I plotted out my course, wrote down the names of which streets I would be turning on. I would start from the church and circle back around.

Well what actually happened is I wrote the wrong street name down and ended up walking about 1.5 miles further than I expected (YES a total of 5 miles). Nonetheless it was an awesome experience. Along my travels I saw two guys who attend our church. They walked a portion of the journey with me, sharing stories and introducing me to EVERYONE they knew. I prayed with people right on the street and I encouraged a number of people with God’s great love for them. 3+ hours later after being tired and drained physically, I was excited and pumped emotionally and spiritually. I had spoken with so many different people, I even spoke Spanish to several people.

I have decided to make this a habit. To find myself on the pulse of the city I need to be in the city. So I look forward to my Thursday walks. In fact I told the church that I will be doing them and several people came to me after service and said they would love to go with me. We may build a little praying team to go out from this.

God is so good and I am truly excited about what He is doing in Trenton NJ!

What passion has God given you to pursue? How are you growing your heart for that passion?


Trenton Bridge


2 thoughts on “A growing Heart

  1. McGinniss, Joy


    This is why I love you…you have such a heart for people. Truly, a pastor’s heart. We are praying God blesses this ministry for His glory and works in the heart of the people of Trenton, that they will be open and that He will go before and prepare the way.

    Mama J.

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