Heart for the city

If you know me I am NYC all the way. I love the sports, the food, the culture and almost EVERYTHING else that goes along with being from NYC. I was born in the Bronx, South Bronx. I worked in Manhattan. I believed no other borough was better BUT would defend the entire city in a moments notice. That’s right NYC all day everyday!

Well first let me say that has not changed. I still LOVE my hometown. However what has changed is that I have learned that there are other places with great need. My heart has been exposed and opened to my new city. Yes I am calling Trenton my city. This will be the place (Lord willing) that my family will be raised. The place that we will have an impact on people, the place where we will create unforgettable memories.

We are excited to be here. We are excited to serve. We are excited to help people transform the condition of their lives through the leading for God. We weep alongside people knowing that they can experience tremendous hardship and we rejoice with others as they take the next amazing step for a better, God-centered life.

The journey is just beginning. Nonetheless we will work faithful as each page turns and reveals what all God has for us.

If you are ever in Trenton NJ feel free to look up Mosaic Baptist Church. You are always welcome.


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