New Experience…

Throughout life we often experience many things that we can say “wow that was a first”. Some times those moments are good, sometime they are bad.

This past Sunday I had one of those moments and it was AWESOME!!!!

We were at church. The new one. It is a fairly new church (only a little over a year old) and really ministers to the “down and out” within the city. We provide lunch at noon and service begins at one. Since lunch is free for all, we only ask that people who eat stay for service. However there are those who try to skip out after their meal.

This one lady was plotting her escape. She had just enjoyed her meal and was gearing up to leave. As she walked through the church she said in a loud voice “OUCH! MY FEET ARE KILLING ME!!!” Several men and I were standing around as she wailed. I looked down at her shoes and they were these cute heals that were about 2 sizes to small.

One of the men with me said “why don’t you go sit and rest your feet?” She replied “NO! I am going home. I have been on my feet all day and they hurt” To that I responded “WELL I really don’t want you to go, so how about we swap shoes?”

Now understand I said this in jest. I mean I am not going to where heals and I was not thinking of giving up MY SHOES….

(They may have been my Stacy Adams that day)Shoes


This lady turned to me and said “Give’em up.” with a shocked looked I rebutted “If I give you my shoes YOU can’t go home. I need to know you will stay for service”

After about 5 minutes of back and forth (sparing you all the lovely minor details) I slipped off my shoes, she slipped them on and took a deep breath and said “that feels great, these are really comfy” (UMM THEY SURE ARE!!)

This person was a women of her word as she sat front row for service. As for me… I opened service and preached without shoes.

That was a first for me. However I thought about it has my day went on. If it calls for me to give up my shoes, or my shirt for someone to fellowship with us ANYDAY of the week, I better start bringing extra clothes because this will get interesting FAST!!! (LOL)

But seriously I was happy (and shocked) to give up what made me comfortable so someone else could benefit.

When is the last time we have given up our comforts/rights/freedoms so others can benefit.


The church also gives out clothes to those who are need and this lady went and found herself some comfy sneakers! 🙂



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