New Challenges

If you noticed the title of the last post had to deal with something being new. This one is no different in that aspect. In fact the entire month we will be dealing with “New” things as our journey has taken us to New Jersey.

This past week has been FANTASTIC!  I have been super active and forming new relationships along the way. I can really see us being here for a LONG time and have really praying about the future of the ministry. With that said, this past week has also been extremely challenging. I have been challenged on every level it seems right down to the core of who I am. As transparent as I usually am I cannot get into details here. However I can say that for days I was an emotional wreck. I doubted myself and I struggled even to process things clearly. I sought out wise counsel to help me view the right perspective but to be honest I was still struggling.

What had taken place completely blindsided me. At first I was like, hey I’m a big boy I can take it. Truthfully that was my pride talking. I hadn’t noticed how bad the situation impacted me until I was dreading any upcoming issues. Long story short my wife and I had some key people come around us and truly encourage our hearts. With them and through prayer I was able to regain some stability. I am currently working on refocusing myself so I can return to functioning at a high level…

Challenges are great ways to see exactly who we are and how much we need guidance. I always claim to be an individual who can navigate in any setting. I learned that although this can be true I still have basic needs that when they aren’t met I will struggle.

 Psalms 20:1
May the Lord answer you when you are in distress;
    may the name of the God of Jacob protect you.


2 thoughts on “New Challenges

  1. Lois Greene

    Anderson, I am so proud of you, your accomplishments in life, your family, and your ministry. Your unwavering determination in life to serve God and to His ministry will overcome trials and tribulations.
    Never cease praying. And when the darts come, kneel in prayer with your family.
    God is good, all the time, God is good.
    Blessings always!

    1. Mrs. Greene,

      Thank you so much! You played an important part in my life during high school. I will keep you and your family in prayer!
      One day when I am back in NYC I will have to look you up.

      Amen – God is GOOD, ALL THE TIME…

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